​In 2013, the Faustina Fury Novice Select hockey team (2004) and parents hosted a laser tag fundraising event in support of SickKids. Little did we know that it would continue and grow into what is now our Giving Back Hope fundraising initiative, now in its eighth year and raising over $57,000 for charity.

Faustina is a local, community based hockey organization located at the Ford Performance Centre on Kipling Avenue in Etobicoke (Toronto, Ontario, Canada). As a team we feel it is important to support one another on and off the ice, give back to our community, and most importantly, give
HOPE to all kids who may think it is not possible to play hockey or do anything else they love to do.

Two members of our hockey family suffer from chronic diseases and have been fortunate to receive on going care at SickKids from very young ages. Their perseverance and determination while living with Juvenile Idiopathic Systemic Arthritis (Jake Da Luz) and Type 1 - Juvenile Diabetes (Avery DiMaria), have been an inspiration to both players and parents.

Jake and Avery have become our foundation and pillars of HOPE, proving over and over to all, that anything is possible!!​ Despite their daily battles to manage their diseases, they continue to lace up day in day out, hit the ice and play with great pride and conviction. And to top it off--- they are great at what they do! Jake, a league leading points/goal scorer year after year, and Avery a solid defence, not allowing many pucks to go by her, preventing goals time and time again.

In addition to supporting SickKids, a portion of the fundraising proceeds has been donated to Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers, a non-profit service dog organization which had provided a Diabetic Alert Service dog for Avery.  "Coal" has been a integral part of Avery's life to alert those around her if her sugar levels are too high or too low. 
With the support of the Faustina Hockey Club,
“Giving Back Hope” holds two annual fundraising events during the year.

The first is Faustina Day at the Toronto Marlies. Discounted tickets are available for purchase with a portion of ticket sales going towards our fundraising initiative.

The second event is the Bar Down....by the Lake Charity Ball Hockey Tournament. The annual tournament is held the following Saturday after Victoria Day long weekend in May. It is located at Sir Adam Beck Outdoor Rink and Park. (Brown’s Line and Horner Ave. in Etobicoke,ON) This is the main event with a great day of fun competitive ball hockey.

Four divisions:   Colts --       Mustangs --    Stallions --      Mules

​                           (5-8 yrs)​     (9-12 yrs)       (13-15 yrs)     (16+ yrs)

This day brings something for everyone even if your're not playing in the tournament. Expect a visit from a legendary Toronto Maple Leaf Alumni. Enjoy eats from the BBQ, watch the games and cheer your teams on while listening to great music, bid on auction items and much more.

The need is enormous. Every year, more than 100,000 children come to SickKids for life-saving care and the number continues to grow. Thanks in large part to donations SickKids is already one of the world’s leading health-care institutions. With continued support, they can continue to push the frontiers of what is possible in care, research and learning. Every dollar counts. Every supporter makes a difference for kids.